Net Worth Check In – July 2018

I’ve been procrastinating making my first post because I have this image of what I want this blog to look like but it’s so hard taking the first step.

I guess it’s very much like FI. The first step doesn’t have to be perfect, you just need to take it.

So a nice easy intro with a net worth update for July 2018.

july update

We would’ve been sitting a tiny bit prettier this month if it weren’t for our mattress dilemma. Basically, in the interest of FI, we are share-housing while living in London. The pros are that we scored a fully furnished room (minus mattress) and didn’t have to buy a fridge or washing machine or any of that jazz. The con is having to share our space with others.
We made our first contribution to our Vanguard ISA this month which is bloody exciting. It is our first voluntary investment we have ever made as our Superannuation is made up entirely of involuntary pay deductions during our time in Australia.There it is!

That’s a hit we are willing to take to achieve FI quicker. Our room came furnished with everything except a mattress so we decided to give Casper a try seeing as ALL OF THE PODCASTERS are promoting the bloody things.

After putting up with it arriving with a rip and a stain, and then two weeks of headache-inducing chemical smells we decided to take advantage of the 100 night guarantee and return it, mainly because there is no support whatsoever in the side of the mattress so for a edge-of-the-bed sleeper like me, I found myself waking up almost falling off the bed due to no side support.

We took the opportunity of returning the bed to get a BIGGER BED! So now we have our super king size bed but are yet to have the Casper returned / refunded. So not only did we spend $1,250 on a brand new SUPER KING sized bed (the one thing I will never buy used or skimp on as I believe good sleep is the most important thing for one’s health and I am terrified of bed bugs) but we are yet to get our $805 refund from Casper.

We are expecting a decent chunk of tax back this month due to only working part of the year in Australia to the tune of around $7,000 so that will be awesome to get back. Also we have no big foreseeable costs due any time soon so we should be able to stick pretty well to our budget.

Anyhow, let’s see how next month turns out.

Here’s a cheeky artistic photo from out trip to Oxford.

Oxford 2


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