Net Worth Check In – August 2018

So it’s been a bit more than a month since my last update but things have been busy in the Firey Couple household.

On the personal front we’ve had two separate good friends from Australia come and stay with us and we spent four nights in France with our other good friend from Australia and his family. Five days of fishing for prawns and whitebait, riding bicycles in the morning to fetch bread, wine and cheese for the day and late nights talking shit and watching shooting stars – it was such a great five days.

Professionally, Bee is cracking on at work and about to take her first team member under her wing. It is awesome to see her continue to progress. Meanwhile I have taken a voluntary step down at work to allow myself the freedom to travel and explore London while we are here. While it means less money (and a slower journey to FI) it means that I am able to take more weekends off for trips abroad or day excursions around the UK which, aside from Bee’s professional development, is the main reason we are here.

It was a good month and a half for our Net Worth, mainly due our Australian tax return hitting the books! Woopwoop!!

aug update
Looking forward at our September trips we are off to;So overall we are up 10.2% in a month and a half!

  • Cardiff for the weekend
  • Bath for the weekend
  • Budapest for my birthday!! wooo

We are really trying to make sure we make the absolute most of being here in London while still trying to work towards FI. Yes we could be making ALOT of sacrifices to push our savings rate much higher but at this stage we are choosing to put life experiences ahead of a higher savings rate.

The choices we ARE making are choosing the cheaper bottle of wine from the supermarket, making our coffees at home and choosing to cook rather than order takeout. When travelling we will happily book a private room in a house on Air bnb rather than book an entire apartment and will take snacks with us on a day trip out rather than buy them while out and about.

For us, its about choosing the right things to sacrifice, which is what I think the FI journey is all about.


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