Net Worth Check In – September 2018

Phew what a month! Now this is why we are living in London!

First things first, I turned 29 this past month. Im officially in the last year of my twenties which has come with an incredible set of emotions I certainly was not prepared for. Time to do the things I’ve been putting off. Get my bad knees and sore hip checked out. Maybe get Invisalign to sort my teeth out. Get back in shape.

Secondly, my beard is getting pretty awesome. Bee says she like it shorter but I secretly think she doesnt mind it, especially as everyone keeps commenting saying it looks great and it suits me. Witholding of kisses was threatened but yet to see that eventuate.

Thirdly, travel has been great. We explored Bath, UK – checking out ancient Roman baths and exploring the city. Truly beautiful place and I think we will be back for another weekend before our London gig is over.

Then my birthday trip to Budapest was pushed back by Bee needing to travel to Czech for work so to apologise her work paid for my flights to join her. Accomodation was paid for as was Bee’s food so a 6 days holiday cost us only my food and drink (and with £1.50 pints of cider that was racking up pretty quickly)

Frugal wins would be;

  • That Czech trip
  • The near-perfect condition coat, worth £100 new, that I scored for £12 at a charity shop in Bath
  • The 18 high-quality 180g beef patties that were destined for the bin due to shelf life rules at work that are now in my freezer ready to be turned into meatballs, spagbol or nachos
  • Entering the Butterfly exhibition at the Natural History Museum with our tickets that are supposed to gain us one free entry to any exhibition at the Natural History Museum and never having the checked or taken from us
  • Bee’s work shouting us to a lovely romantic dinner to say thanks for the hard work she has been putting in

We also opted out of both of our UK pensions due to the fact that we are not going to stay here and don’t want a couple thousand quid each sitting here for 40 years when we could sacrifice the tax savings but invest it in our own way. We did it a little late and can’t get back the first few months worth of contributions so that kind of sucks but we’ve just let it go.

Work also gave me an extra quid an hour to say thanks for continuing to support the managers in their duties despite voluntarily demoting myself recently. Nice little olive branch there which will help nudge the savings up that tiny little bit further.

I’ve set a posting schedule to make sure I give NW updates on the 28th of each month. Obviously, I missed this on by 3 days but the numbers are accurate. So how did we land?

Net Worth September 2018

sep update


Okay! Up 23.86% month on month. Woopwoop!

I’m pretty chuffed with that. Our cash on hand has grown a little bit as Bee feels better about our money if we have a little pot on hand here to deal with anything that comes up, especially as we dont have credit cards. Yeah we could have it invested but you can’t put a price on peace of mind so I’m cool with that.

Our Aussie based Superannuations have both grown a little bit without any contributions fom us (cheers market!) and we have switched our investment choices inside those to be a little more aggressive.

The cool thing is, thanks in large part to our tax returns, we have essentially doubled our non-super net worth in 60 days. I know we will never see growth like that again so I’m gonna bask in it’s light while it lasts.

My pay is moving to fortnightly so I’m going to have some months where I get 3 pays which will be fun for the numbers too.

Below is our totally unique wall decoration. Bee and I love eating out. It’s not FIREy but we love it – so there. We pick up a business card or coaster from each place we visit and add it to our wall. Theres well over few grand worth of totally delicious experiences up on that wall and our recent meals in Czech now have their place on the wall too.

In the middle is our quote board. We picked it up from a supermarket and it has little letters you can change. This month is a reminder to bring peace, love and positivity into our lives wherever we can. I think I might use the board as headers for future posts. Yeah, that’ll be nice.



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