Net Worth Check In – December 2018

Well, I fell off the wagon there a bit with the blogging didn’t I? But, that’s life innit? Sometimes I feel absolutely full of life and time passes only as slowly as each second I am squeezing every last little bit of enjoyment from, and other times a few months go by and I’m left sitting here wondering where the fuck they went! Well, that’s kind of how I am feeling right about now, despite it being two sleeps until Christmas (well, one sleep for Bee as she is behind me snoring her life away in bed) and less than two weeks until I start my new job. Before the Net Worth Check-In it’s probably a good time to do a little self check-in Creatively – I’m in one of my weird moods where even though life is great, I feel like there is something missing. I think it is the creative inside me screaming for something to do. That’s why I’ve come back to the blog with my tail between my legs. I’ve been on SquareSpace the past few weeks trying to scratch my creative itch by coming up with online business ideas, though I really need to relieve myself of the pressure of making money inline creatively and just create. It’s a vicious cycle for me. Physically – I’m four days into 30 days of Yoga with Adrienne on Youtube and already feeling pain relief in my lower back and downward facing dog gets easier each day also. My aim is to commit to these daily 20-minute yoga sessions and, if I manage to do that, progress to longer sessions and perhaps go to some real classes. My hip is also feeling alot better now that it’s been a week since leaving my job in hospitality. Mentally – I’m excited about starting my new 9-5 job on 3rd Jan. After three years of working in hospitality management, it will be an absolute game-changer for my health, relationships and mental wellbeing to have my nights and weekends back. It will also allow me to set some regularity around my blogging. Significant Otherly – It’s been a pretty tough last couple of months of the year for Bee and the stress has gotten to her physically a little bit. She now knows the feeling of stress related chest pain (something I was VERY familiar with when I went through a year of panic and anxiety attacks) and we are looking for ways for her to control her stress. We are hoping that as she builds her team in 2019 (she’s been approved additional heads) the stress will abate somewhat. Coupling that with Yoga, meditation and massage should see things improve. Her review went well with a nice little raise and great bonus result (YES, the raise will be going into our investments as will half of the bonus) It’s been an expensive couple of months for us too, as we have been traveling a fair bit. We visited Budapest for a few nights, as well as Bristol, Barcelona and finally, for our 3rd wedding anniversary, Tenerife. Despite that, and despite our investments tanking the past couple of months, we have still come out ahead month-on-month. The next couple of months will be tricky with me being unemployed for 3 weeks between jobs but once the salary starts coming in we will be set up to continue pushing the needle forward.
So that’s it. That’s everything we have to our name at ages 29 and 27 after 10+ years each in the workforce. It feels a bit shit to look at but, though we may be behind a portion of people in this community, we know that comparison is the thief of joy and we are fortunate to be healthy, happy and in the green. See you soon for another episode of the Firey Couple Net Worth Check-In.

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