2019 plans, goals and experiments

Fuck, 2018 blew by in a flash.

This time last year we were selling all of our stuff, saying our goodbyes to friends and family and moving to the other side of the world.

And now it’s been 12 months, almost in the blink of an eye.

It’s been a crazy 12 months full of travel, adventure and a shit ton of hard work and long hours.

Now we have potentially 14 months before the our Visa is up and the U.K. kick our sorry asses back to Australia.

Thankfully, I got a little bit of my mojo back towards the end of 2018 and decided that 3 years in hospitality management was enough and it was time to get back into a 9-5 and get my nights and weekends back.

That starts today, but my New Years resolutions started even before the stroke of midnight on the 31st.

My plans, goals and experiments for 2019 are below.

Invest 35% of our total 2019 income into our ISA

With Bees recent performance review she received a little pay rise that now means her income covers all of our budgeted living and travel expenses. We do set ourselves quite a high budget for travel and spending because we never want to look back on our two years here and regret not taking trips or making the most of all London has to offer. We could probably trim £5k off our spending and travel budget this year but I’m unsure wether we would miss the money or the memories more.

Now that I’m back in a 9-5 and on salary, my income will be regular and the exact same amount making planning and budgeting easier.

We should, theoretically, be able to invest my entire salary each month directly into our ISA.

Bee also receives her bonus in Jan and we have agreed to invest 50% of that and leave the other 50% in an account for Bee to spend guilt-free on things throughout the year. Again, we could invest the lot but she enjoys having a little pot there she can spend from and happily puts off purchases towards the end of the year until she gets her bonus. It works for us, it probably makes diehard FIRE people cry at the thought of lost gains.

Cycle 5000km in 2019

I can’t remember the last time I set myself a concrete goal and actually hit it. Perhaps it was giving up smoking 9 years ago.

Well, in my search for my mojo I’m setting myself a pretty audacious goal that will require me to turn up every day and put the fucking work in.

I’m cycling 5000km between my road bike and the cycle machine at the gym in 2019.

That’s an average of 13.69km/ day!

I’ll be cycling to and from work on nice enough days which is 8.32km return. I suppose I could take a longer route home to hit my number for the day. Some days I’ll do sessions in the gym and crank out some extra kms to build up a little bank so I can relax on other days.

I started a few days before the new year and have currently clocked up 64.8km. I’m currently writing this post while cycling on the machine at the gym before my first day at my new job. 5.78km down! Start how you want to finish I figure!

Reduce booze consumption

If I’m going to save money, hit my goal of cycling 5000kms and sleep better I’m going to have to cut back on the booze a bit.

Bee and I have fallen into the habit of regularly drinking each night even if it’s just us at home eating dinner in front of the TV.

I’ve made a personal commitment to cut down alcohol by setting a rule in place.

I will not drink at home unless we have guests over.

It’s as simple as that. If I can stick to that rule, I should wake up fresher, perform better at work, sleep better, save money AND give myself the best chance of hitting my cycling goal.

Sleep better

This one is a huge focus for me this year. After working irregular hours for three years in hospitality, I now have the opportunity to get into a proper sleeping schedule.

Again, I’ve put a few rules in place to help me get to a better place with my sleeping;

  1. No screens after 8pm
  2. Charge phone on other side of the room
  3. Get up before 6am every single day either by waking up naturally between 5am and 6am or when the alarm goes off at 6am every day
  4. Shower before bed to raise and then lower body temperature

I feel these four things should help a lot in improving my sleep. Other things I will be experimenting with is yoga, meditation, reading etc.

And that’s it for this year.

If I can nail the savings, sleep better, drink less and smash out 5000km on the bike – I’ll feel like a fucking huge success by the time 2020 rolls around!

Got to go, almost at 13.69km and I’ve got a new job to get to!


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