Net Worth Check In – Jan 2019

It’s been almost a month since I started my new job. I had forgotten how amazing it feels to have a normal sleep schedule again and to have every Saturday and Sunday off.

You don’t appreciate a two day weekend until you have only one or two (and sometimes zero) weekend DAYS off each month. I’ll be honest, I don’t miss hospitality life one bit.

The past few days were good for the figures. Bee’s yearly bonus landed and I got my first paycheck.

As soon as her bonus landed we turned around and threw 50% of it into our investments, the other half is in an account for her to spend as she wishes – no questions asked. Makeup. Clothes. Tickets for shows. Whatever. It’s her reward for working so bloody hard and I’m proud of her for dedicating 50% of it towards our goals.

Other good news is that Bee’s recent pay rise nudged her income just enough that her salary covers all of our living expenses, including our travel budget of £650/month.

That means that every time I get paid I will be dumping the whole lot straight into our ISA – which is exactly what I did this month.

So how are we looking?



Solid month of gains. We have never had a Net Worth this high before and it feels great.

Scary, but great.

Side note, really proud of myself for sticking to my posting schedule. I’m glad I decided to treat this blog as a journal rather than a business. It’s taken alot of pressure off and I get to be far more authentic. I no longer want this blog to make money, and instead expect it to cost money.

It’s my own weird kind of therapy.

Until next month!


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