The Firey Who???


I’m Jay, a late twenties kiwi bloke currently living and working in London with my wife Bee.

In early 2018 I decided to take all of the FIRE related content and information if been absorbing for 18 months and talk to Bee about pursuing FIRE. She was skeptical at first but now is well and truly on board with the idea.

The only ‘problem’ with having this big goal and having worked out and put in place the fundamental steps, is that now we actually have to live our lives.

Terrible right? Well, the problem with having a goal like FIRE is knowing that one day, hopefully sooner and earlier than most people, we won’t have to work every day – which means we will have to find other ways to fill our days.

  1. Bringing our POST-FIRE dreams into our PRE-FIRE life because, ultimately, the present is the only thing we really truly have in life.
  2. Learning to enjoy the ride because we don’t want to strive for, and hit, a magic number only to realize that the journey there felt like an unnecessary sacrifice.

The internet doesn’t need another blog about how to cut your grocery bill in half, how to house hack or how cycling to work will save you money.

The math is simple and well documented;

Spend less than you earn and invest the difference until the investments allow you to either stop working altogether or choose how and when you work.

What is not so simple, and the stuff that I (Jay the man behind the words) struggle with is how exactly to be present and live fully in my PRE-FIRE life while dealing with the thoughts, emotions, and struggles that tack on along for the ride.

Welcome to The Firey Couple. Where we explore the real barriers to FI.